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Welcome to the arena, with funny characters and beautiful skins. Here monsters are fighting for survival. Eat cookies and other monsters, grow and become the coolest monster on the Biters io server. Enjoy and share with your friends!

This is a simple game, your goal is to bite other players, get points and become a leader. The bigger you monster, the stronger he bite. To restore the acceleration scale, you must drink water, but to restore the HP scale, eat cookies. With the right mouse click, you can do a super bite from a long distance.
Play the game in full screen mode at OBFOG on PC or laptop, watch the video walkthrough.

The developer is Clown Games. Try other cool games from them like and
Did you know that the game has already been played by 4,509 people and you are now among them.

How to play

Use your mouse to move, left mouse click to attack, right mouse click for super attack.

Video Walkthrough


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