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Room24.ioGame description

Welcome to room 24, a room in which cockroaches are fighting against people. Choose whom you will play for. If you are playing for a cockroach, then your goal is to eat everything and not be caught by a human. If you play as a human, you also can eat different foods, but you have to attack cockroaches. The more points you have, the bigger you become. If you use the attack in Room24 io, then you take away points, so you must eat food. The main task is to score 20,000 points to become a ghost. Enjoy and share with your friends!

When you become a ghost your score doesn't matter anymore. But there can be only one ghost in the room, that is, when the other player becomes a ghost you will be thrown out of the room. Here is such a fun game. The green dots on the map are allies, and the reds are enemies. It's a team game, so you have to help your allies.

Game controls

Use left or right mouse click to attack. If you play as a ghost use or S to turn on or off the light, Q to start an earthquake.

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