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Lose weightGame description

This woman is overweight and has a lot of cellulite. His name is Anna. She a lot of eats food and do not do sports. So she is obese and very upset. Therefore, she needs to help the doctor specialist in the treatment of obesity and your job is to help Anna to lose weight. You are one of the best of doctors. Today, Anna came to you at the reception. Follow all instructions in order. First, determine the Anna's weight. Then measure her bust, waist and hips. Use the special anti-cellulite cream. Then use massage. Prescribe for Anna a special diet and sports. I hope that after your help Anna once again be happy and beautiful. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Game controls

Use the mouse to help Anna.

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Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Mouse double click to dash. Space bar - bash. Mouse left click - shoot. Mouse Right click - shield.
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