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Fight for your glory in the, new online multiplayer game. Build your base and defend it from enemies. To survive you must kill animals, plant plants, collect eggs. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Create guards, helpers, peasants and mercenaries who will help you. For this you have to mine gold. To mine gold, build a tower. So, the Glor io is great strategy game.
Some tips: build more towers, do not forget to leave the guards in the castle, build the walls near the gates of the enemy, follow the food, the stone of life can save your life, do not forget about the peasants, if you find a pig with a saddle it will be good luck you.
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Did you know that the game has already been played by 92,802 people and you are now among them.


Mouse to look around, WASD = move, mouse left click to building, or number key 1/9 = select building, mouse left click = attack or collect.

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