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One piece VS Naruto CR: Zoro

Added: 2016-08-18 | Played 1,672 times

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85% by 17 users

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Game description

One piece VS Naruto CR: Zoro

New battle between One piece vs Naruto has started! Now in the battles take part the following fighters: Luffy, Zoro, Naruto, Sasuke. Luffy and Naruto have have an additional skill 2nd Super Combo. Fight in Naruto vs One Piece, Zoro for 2 player. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Game controls

Player 1: WASD - directions, J - attack, K - jump, U - skill, I - roll Player 2: arrow keys - directions, 1 - attack, 2 - jump, 4 - skill, 5 - roll Enter - pause, defense: hold v, dash: >>, dash attack: >> + attack, special attack: ^+ attack, defense break attack: v + attack, Skill A: press skill key, skill B: >+ skill, skill C: ^+ skill, skill D: v+ skill, air skill: press skill while jumping, super combo 1: attack + jump, super combo 2: ^+ attack + jump (Luffy, Naruto), power burst: skill + roll.

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