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Sit in a spaceship and start air wars in the space in the new multiplayer Battle Royale game Airwars space. Upgrade your spaceship and become the lord of the galaxy. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Do you remember the cool space shooter Star Blast io? So the Air Wars Space is similar game. Shoot the green particles flying in a space galaxy to make your army of ships bigger. Destroy spaceships, other players. Since this game .io game in the battle royale mode, the strongest last player wins. But there are other game modes:
FFA Arena - every man for himself
Dueling room - 1 vs 1
Team Mode - Team vs team, red vs blue
Capture the flag - play 2 teams blue and red, the goal is to capture the flag, first to 5 wins
Robo trainer - training mode, fighting against bots and training, something like sandbox
In the game settings, you can set your own settings. There is a chat where you can chat with other players. Great graphic. So, try to play on OBFOG in full screen, comment, vote and share with friends.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 533 people and you are now among them.


Left mouse click to shoot, right mouse click or S to dash, Esc = exit or spectate.

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