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Description is survival strategy game. Collect various resources such as stone, wood, build buildings and fight with wild animals and so on. Level up and improve your skills. Unite in teams with friends and fight clan against the clan in Doomed io multiplayer mode. Enjoy and share with your friends!

The game is partially similar to strategy games Moomoo and Starve. Some hints to the game, initially you have to get 20 wood to craft a pickaxe. By pickaxe you can mine a stone. Kill animals for food, otherwise you will die. Play the game in full screen mode, watch the video walkthrough at OBFOG.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 49,365 people and you are now among them.

How to play

WASD = move, Left mouse click = attack or use item, Space = charge or jump, Shift = sneak, Q = Drop items, Q + Shift = drop IO items, R = dismantle building, E = mount or unmount weapon and turret.
Crazy Snakes io
Crazy Snakes io

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