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StarJack.ioGame description

New space strategy multiplayer game StarJack io. Build bases in space and capture the bases of other players. Enjoy and share with your friends!

At the beginning of the game Star Jack io you wait until the other players join the game. then the round begins. You have one planet that generates space warships. Choose the planet you want to attack and send your ships there. If you manage to capture the planet, it will become yours and will generate ships for you. Some planets have special skills that will be useful to you in combat. Play the game in full screen mode at OBFOG, watch the video walkthrough.

Game controls

Click on the planet on which you want to send your ships. Use the left mouse click to send all your ships, right click to send half the ships. Right mouse click on the planet to undo. WASD or Arrow keys or hold left mouse click to move the map. Space = return to your base. Tab = watch statistics.

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